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The reason you feel different after a massage is because it is healing and invigorating tired, aching or injured muscles.


Improve your quality of life - Metro Massage provides a professional massage service which you can enjoy at either your home, work place, event, or from 3 fixed locations in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Therapists are highly experienced and qualified, fully insured and members of accredited associations in Australia. Private health fund rebates are also available.

Our aim is to provide an exceptional massage experience catered to your needs on the day. Contact Metro Massage by phone or email for any enquiry or to make your booking.



We look forward to hearing from you!


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The Massages


30mins = $50; 60mins = $90; 90mins = $140; 120mins = $170
- a surcharge is added for mobile clients 10kms+ from Camberwell
- Enquire directly for competitive corporate rates-

Swedish/Relaxation: This is the basic and classic form of Western massage and refers to a selection of techniques designed to specifically relax your muscles. It is also designed to increase your muscle tone - stimulate blood circulation - remove toxins – reduce blood pressure – increase flexibility as well as reducing muscular tension and stiffness.
One of the most popular forms of massage which focuses on treating soft tissue injuries, aching muscles and muscular pains and strains. It is a holistic approach to treating numerous conditions such as an aching back, sciatica, tension headaches as well as tight, knotted or strained muscles.
Deep Tissue: a firm massage designed to focus on deep layers of muscle tissue, specifically the individual muscle fibres, in order to release muscular tension and toxins from the muscle. Firm but gentle and can be quite intense.
Sports Massage: this is designed to treat sporting injuries and ailments and can be of benefit for anyone, not just athletes. It is quite vigorous and not intended for relaxation. Usually incorporates remedial massage or deep tissue techniques.
Indian Head Massage: a thousand year old technique designed to ease tension and strain in the shoulders, neck, scalp and face. Amongst its benefits it can assist in relief of headaches, migraines and eye strains, as well as provide relief from anxiety and insomnia. A wonderful experience.
Corporate Massage: Seated, fully clothed and at your workplace or event. Designed to re-energise, invigorate and to provide muscular relief to your upper body. This is a great way to relieve some stress before cracking on with your day.
Mobile Massage:
a complete service brought to your door. The therapist will have everything required to provide you with a full massage service at your home, hotel or event. A great way to enjoy a wonderful massage, wherever you may be.

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About Milorad


Milo has been a therapist for close to 15 years, with extensive experience and qualifications both here in Melbourne and London. He holds several qualifications including diplomas in Anatomy and Physiology and certificates in different styles of massage. His diverse client base also includes teenagers to the elderly, professional athletes and entertainers, celebrities, politicians and corporate executives.

He recently returned to Melbourne after 10 years in London, having worked extensively throughout the demanding corporate sector, the retail and beauty industry as well as events such as the yearly London Marathon.

Having arrived back in Melbourne with his wife and newly born daughter, Milo is focused on his family and continuing his successful career as a professional massage therapist.


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I have very particular requirements of my massage therapist because I am severely disabled. I was crippled by a debilitating disease ten years ago and now I have to spend a lot of my time in a wheelchair. However, I do have some independence: I can shuffle about on a walking frame and get around inside our apartment on my own. I value this limited mobility and am very keen to maintain it. This is where Milo comes in. He gives me a massage every fortnight and I believe that this is crucial in maintaining the mobility that I have. I can't walk far, but that I can walk at all I believe I owe to Milo's knowledge and skill. I look forward to the hour I spend in the comfort of my own home with Milo. Not only is he an excellent massage therapist, he is also a very pleasant person to be around. He is respectful and courteous and very mindful of my particular needs. I am very appreciative of the wonderful service he provides. - V. Simpson

- Working in an office I spend 8 hours a day sitting at a desk in front of a computer or on the phone. As a result I am often stressed and suffer from headaches and neck pain. Milorad from Metro Massage has been instrumental in helping me with a treatment that is tailored and specific to my needs. Milorad has also helped my improve my posture while at work and provided me with useful ways I can prevent reoccurring neck and back pain. It has been fantastic to find a therapist who actually cares about my well being and health. I highly recommend Metro Massage to anyone who wants a professional and friendly service. - R. Soliman - Finance

- As a dancer/choreographer for over two decades, I find my body now requires a lot more muscular safeguarding and maintenance. I often use the services of Metro Massage and find the treatments to be of the highest calibre, extremely professional and particularly informative about after care. I recently suffered a knee injury and asked Milo to provide massages that complement my physio treatments. I am especially impressed with the bespoke treatments as well as the genuine care in assisting me back to a full recovery. I highly recommend this service to not only dancers, athletes, etc...but to all who are looking for outstanding results with their holistic therapies.-  J.Lissar - Choreographer   To view more testimonials, please Click here.

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To make a booking or enquiry, please give Metro Massage a call to discuss your needs directly with a therapist or send an email and we will respond on the same day.

PH: 0406 85 1313


Postal: P.O Box 10400, Middle Camberwell, Victoria, 3124

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